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The long-standing mission of Suhr has been to bring the simplicity and tone of ana- log circuitry to today’s guitarists. The Suhr Discovery Analog Delay is the new revo- lutionary pedal, designed by Kevin Suhr. The Discovery Analog Delay is the first of its kind, for Suhr and the world.

Retaining the tone, vibe, and creative inspiration of iconic analog delay units, yet adding the versatility of the most modern and expandable delay pedals available today.

The finest analog delay packed with 127 savable preset spaces, Tap Tempo, High/Lo- cut, with every parameter mappable to an expression pedal per preset, MIDI ins and outs, and every parameter you could ask for. That’s just the beginning. 

The Suhr Discovery Analog Delay is a product that has been years in the making. We took our time with this one to make it as perfect as we could in the smallest package, full of features that include a few no other analog delay has.



  • All-new revolutionary design
  • Engineered on four re-issued versions of the renowned MN3005 bucket-brigade analog-delay chips
  • Built in the USA
  • 127 programmable presets
  • Delay times of 40ms-1100ms, expandable to 17ms-2000ms & beyond with up/down & division buttons
  • Subdivisions include quarter, dotted eighth, triplet, eighth and sixteenth note
  • 7-segment display for BPM, milliseconds or preset number
  • Classic analog delay warmth with the control to make it your own
  • Studio quality tone & features
  • Built-in smart Tap-Tempo giving you the ability to nail the tempo
  • High & Lo Cut controls to shape the sound of your delay
  • Modulation with speed & depth controls
  • 3 modulation waveforms to choose from, Triangle, Sine and Square
  • Fully-programmable digital-control
  • Use in ANY set-up with MIDI In & Out/Thru
  • Every knob is mappable to an expression pedal
  • Custom expression pedal mapping savable to each preset
  • Every parameter can be controlled by MIDI
  • Can be used to send patch changes to your other MIDI devices
  • Save all of your presets to SysEx file for back-up or to share
  • Switchable true-bypass or buffered-bypass
  • Soft clipping limiter for infinite feedback and oscillations
  • Includes an 18V DC power supply


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