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Stoll Effects Mullet Drive

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2-channel overdrive pedal with a wide range of tonal variations


The Yellow Channel of the Mullet Drive offers a unique sound experience through the use of a germanium diode and a mosfet. This combination creates an asymmetric distortion with a subtle hint of fuzz-like distortion. Originally designed for humbucker guitars, it also offers exceptional versatility and tonal richness with single coil guitars. The “dirty” sound captures the essence of classic rock tones.


The Red Channel of the Mullet Drive offers a symmetrical mosfet distortion for a “hard” sound. It is perfect for exploring characteristic sounds of different decades, from the 60s to modern pop/rock music. With the Red Channel, you can effortlessly adjust the perfect degree of distortion to precisely express your musical style and preferences.


The Mullet Drive features a handcrafted housing with a unique design, made in Germany. It showcases the precision and dedication of our craftsmen. With its robust construction, it is durable and ideal for active musicians. The model name is implemented with a unique screen-printed color gradient that looks great on any pedalboard.


The Mullet Drive is based on a circuit that preserves the natural sound of your guitar. The pedal amplifies the input signal without changing the sound, allowing the unique voice of your guitar to shine through. No matter which guitar you use, the Mullet Drive creates an immersive musical experience.


The color gradient in the model name on the housing is printed by hand using a complex screen printing process. Each color gradient is unique and gives the pedal its own character. This makes each pedal an unmistakable one-of-a-kind piece. You cannot influence the appearance when ordering.


Length 113mm

Width 92mm (96mm incl. jacks)

Height 36mm (54mm incl. footswitch)

Weight 630g

Voltage 9V DC (center-negative)(up to max. 18V possible) 

Current 35mA (9V)

Power supply included No

Battery compartment No

  • RoHS Compliant
  • CE (EU) Compliant
  • Designed and assembled in Germany
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