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Excellent condition vintage Sony C-48 condenser microphone. Original case.  

A versatile dual diaphragm condenser microphone for exacting or critical professional recording applications

Sony's new C-48 is thelatest in a long line of advanced Sony microphones, refined and perfected to give you superb sound reproduction in a wide variety of recording conditions. 

The C-48 features threedirectivity options: omni- directional, cardioid, a n d bi-directional. A simple selector switch lets you change easily from one characteristic
to another. PAD switch andlow-cut switch add to the operational features of the C-48, while 2-way power capability lets you choose eitherbattery or external power supply-whichever best suits your needs.

Inside, the Sony C-48 combines proven transducer technology, sophisticated circuitry, and a highly sensitive microphone capsule to give you smooth, clear, natural

A low-noise. high-gain FET preamplifier and a trans- former with excellenttransmission characteristics deliver flat frequency response over a range of 30-16,000 Hz And theC-48 can also handle a minimum of 128dB SPL without audibledistortion or coloration.
The Sony C-48 is a rugged, reliable performer suited for the most exacting recording applications, whether voice or instrument. If you're looking for the best in professional condenser microphones, look to Sony.. and listen to a demonstration of our C-48.

Professional features of the Sony C-48:

Smooth, natural sound. Sony technology has created a condenser microphone that sounds better because it's designed better - and your recording results will prove it.
Three-way directivity. Utilization of dual diaphragms provides for electronic directivity switching without the need for mechanical shutters. Choose omni-directional, cardioid or bi-directional characteristics. A simple selector switch with led indication assures selection of the pattern you need.
Highly Sensitive capsule. TheC - 4 8features Sony's first dual-diaphragm capsule design, with materialscarefully selected for unerring reproduction accuracy and superb transient response.
FET preamplifier. A low-noise, high-gain Field Effect Transistor preamplifier stagea n d a transformer with excellent transmission characteristics enable the C-48 to achieve its flat frequency response over awide
30-16,000 Hz range

Low distortion. The C-48 can also handle a minimum of 128dB SPL without audiblecoloration or distortion. That means you can record at high sound pressure input levels without loss in signal quality.
PADswitch. The Sony C-48 features a 10dB PAD between capsule and preamplifier to preventoverload at sound pressure levels above 128dB.
Low-cut switch. To compensate for proximity effect, the C-48 incorporates a high passfilter to roll off low-frequency sensitivity, yielding flat frequency response
in close miking situations.

2-wav power source. Choose internal battery power or external power supply (with optional AC-148F AC power source). Whichever you choose, you'll get professional microphone performance you can count on.

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