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The sound of your guitars always with you

With XT-1 you can store the tone/response of your own electric, acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars and make them always available for you, inside the pedal.
XT-1 comes with 30 presets sounds (12 guitars) and more than 500 guitar pickup tones, recorded from any kind of instruments you may like and shared for free by the community members!

The most iconic guitars in the world at your fingertips

XT-1 comes with 30 preloaded sounds, obtained by capturing the pickup tones of 12 guitars among the best ones in the world. You can perfectly reproduce their sound with your current guitar.

Just focus on your music, no worries

Amp models based on JCM800, AC30, Twin Reverb’68.
Add the tone of some of the most classic amps, ideal from rock to blues.

Overdrive, based on Ibanez TS9
A Tube Screamer designed to give your tone some warmth, crunch and gain.

Cabinets Impulse Responses
Up to 4096 length, 7 presets, 3rd parties IR loadable via SIM1 Editor

Acoustic Simulation
Unparalleled realism from electric guitars thanks to Body Resonance Modeling (BRM) technology.


Wi-Fi Connection
Edit your configuration in Real Time through the Manager for PC/Mac.

Natural Reverb, by SIM1

Tone Control

Midi compatible via MIDI/USB adapter (optional)

Play Acoustic Profiles

Our mic’d Acoustic Profiles are suitable either to be played with an electric guitar, or with an acoustic one.
In this case the Piezo sound will be turned into a Miked sound.

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