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Rockfabrik Effects Scraper

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Rockfabrik Effects Scraper is the microprocessor controlled boost pedal(whole audio signal path is analog) which is designed exactly to push overdrive channels of amplifiers. It serves more than 30 dB of boost to push your amplifier to produce more harmonic contents. It makes your sound tighter, warmer, more aggressive and improves touch sensitivity and articulation. "MASS" switch gives you low end for massive sounds. Scraper has two boost modes(red or blue) which is controlled with bypass switch. When the pedal on, just hold the bypass button till red led turns blue(2 sec.) to change mode of boost. Like all Rockfabrik products, the Scraper is made with selected top quality parts which are like 99.9% purity silver wires, Wima and Panasonic audio caps, high quality metal film resistors for the most transparent and natural sound.

Input impedance: 320 K
Output impedance: 1,5 K
Power supply: 9V Negative Center 2,1 mm
Current Draw: 100 mA
True bypass
Max gain: 32 dB
2 boost modes (red and blue)
Relay soft switching
Anti-pop system with optocoupler
Microprocessor controlled boost modes
Dimensions: 114x64x47 mm

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