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Ovaltone Merkara Overdrive

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Ovaltone's early booster overdrive MERKAVA was highly regarded by users for its powerful and straightforward boost feeling
and the versatility of its boost sound adjustment.

The MERKAVA OVERDRIVE was born as a reissued and improved version of the original MERKAVA. The depth of sound has been increased to a finer

gradation by upgrading the machined aluminum housing, parts, solder, etc.


Weight: 450g Size: (W)950*95 x (D)113 x (H)54 (mm) Power source: 9V alkaline battery or pre-stabilized
AC adapter, power supply (DC9V, center minus 2.1mm)

This is an on/off switch. When off, it is a true bypass.

Knobs,Toggle switches

This is a gain adjustment, but up to about 12 o'clock, it is more like an EQ or EQ movement than a gain adjustment. In this range, it can be used in combination with the mode to actively create clean tones. After 12 o'clock, the gain and the push-out effect increases, so it can be used as a booster to adjust the

push-out effect and texture of the boost, and as a stand-alone overdrive, it can be used like a gain knob.

When turned up, the high frequency range comes out. When turned down, it lowers the high frequency.

Adjusts the output volume; in NORMAL/BOLD , FLAT BOOST/MID BOOST mode, the output is higher than that of a normal effects pedal.
Moderate settings are recommended to match the tolerances of the later stages.

Right toggle switch (moves left and right)

This gives a drive sound with an edge. By itself, it is suitable for creating sharp crunchy sounds.
Boost mode is effective for creating a crunchy texture with fine overtones.
Combined with the CLIPPED mode on the left toggle, you can get a sticky overdrive sound.

This mode gives a flat boost feeling, and the more the GAIN is increased, the stronger the mid tone becomes. MID BOOST
This mode provides more midrange boost and volume than the FLAT BOOST mode.

Left toggle switch (moves left and right)

This mode provides a strong sense of limit and soft distortion. This mode is ideal for reducing the unevenness of the attack.

This mode leaves the core of the attack.

This is the basic mode.

※Do NOT use 18VDC

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