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Motor City Pickups - P90 - Motormouth / Pit Bull Set

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Motor City Pickups Custom P90 set. Motormouth Neck, Pit Bull Bridge. Black soapbar covers. 

Neck DC Resistance: 7.62KΩ
Bridge DC Resistance: 12.72
Color: Black


Finally, a P90 that runs its mouth all over town. Scatter-wound completely by hand for extended frequency response with Vintage Correct 42 gauge Plain Enamel 10,000 turns at 8.0k DC resistance, Vintage cut Alnico 5 magnet, braided hookup wire available in Soapbar or Dog Ear (cream Dog Ear covers only). The Motormouth will have the last word with classic P90 growl and snarl with improved definition and true character.
These pickups have a wide dynamic range responding with increased amp tone response and authority reacting to pick pressure with pristine life. Growling mids and tight (?) punch when the Motormouth P90 is cracked at full throttle. Backing off the volume retains cleaner tones and clarity with outstanding thump. This is what everyone is running there mouth about.

The Pit Bull:

This dog dances around Detroit with an attitude! He knows he's king of the ring, and proudly shows it off. He doesn’t mind playing nicely...when gently pulled on the leash. Don’t get rough though...he will eat you alive.
Aggressive, punchy low-end with a midrange to die for, and a truly airy sparkle on the high-end only a P90 can deliver. Powered with Vintage Cut ceramics, 12k DC resistance, this P90 has all the balls with volume and a bite that is deadly.
Metal, hard rock, death metal, thrash - these are the owners of Pit Bulls, and righteously so. Aggressive styles can try to tame this beast with the best of luck.

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