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LsL Instruments Claro Boost

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The LSL Instruments Claro Boost is a must for every pedal board in every setting. It utilizes a simple and effective design - the Claro Boost does one job and it does it well.

Using high quality components, and keeping the circuit simple with a TL072 chip at its core, you will experience a smooth flowing boost up to +26dB. It can do everything from a crystal clear clean boost up to a robust volume and slight gain boost. Claro Boost can become a permanent booster in long signal chains where signal drop off is present and gives players easy control over their tone and levels.

LSL Instruments is a boutique guitar builder first and foremost. We are very glad to offer these pedals to the thousands of LSL owners worldwide, and hope to gain new family and friends of the company via the addition of stomp boxes to our product offerings. Many of our fans already own a custom guitar of their choosing, but our hope is to bring you into the family with these high quality, made in the USA effects pedals!


Provides a versatile boost ranging from crystal clear clean tones to robust volume and slight gain enhancements
Featuring a straightforward design, the Claro Boost excels at its singular task, utilizing high-quality components and a TL072 chip for a smooth boost of up to +26dB
Particularly valuable in lengthy signal chains with potential signal drop-offs, the Claro Boost maintains consistent signal integrity while offering easy control over tone and volume levels
Crafted by LSL Instruments, renowned for their boutique guitars, the Claro Boost maintains the brand's
commitment to quality, now extended to effects pedals, appealing to both existing fans and new customers
Reflecting LSL's dedication to craftsmanship, the Claro Boost is proudly manufactured in the USA, ensuring reliability, performance, and a seamless addition to any pedal board setup

Steel Enclosure: Yes
True Bypass Switching: Yes
Input impedance: 500kΩ
Output impedance: 10kΩ
Input-output Jack: ¼ in
Power supply: 9V DC (Negative Center)
DC Jack: 2.1mm
Power consumption: 6mA (9V)

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