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Loop Switchers originally started to build the cleanest sounding and heaviest duty True Bypass Strips around.  Taking in to consideration the possibilities that go into Guitar/Bass pedal boards.  We have the first modular true bypass switchers that can be used as Tuner Out and Master Bypass.  Also simplicity programable analog switching, that can be used to switch effects automatically with one push. 

Since our loop switchers are designed to be opened up with ease (just 2 screws, NO RIVETS) you can easily install buffers, plug in a loop and adjust the trim pot to your liking(with the pedal open).  Then you can close up the enclosure and install it on your board knowing when you engage a loop with a buffer your pedal will be at the volume you want it to be!

Silent True Bypass Switching.  Professionally Handmade in the U.S.A.

High Quality Parts

  • 3pdt Foot Switches
  • 3mm LED's
  • 1/4" Metal Jacks
  • Military Spec. Silver Stranded Wire
  • .050" Aluminum
  • Texture Black Enamel Powder Coating
  • Laser Engravure

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