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KZ Treble Booster

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The Kz TREBLE BOOSTER is a simple booster pedal that descends from the Rangemaster that was born in England in the 1960s.

Unlike the full-range clean booster, it is designed to strongly boost the high-midrange, so it maintains a tight bottom end even at max level.
Just plug your guitar into his Kz TREBLE BOOSTER and feed the boosted signal into a crunchy amp for some old school distortion.
If you turn the guitar volume down to about half, it will change to a bright clean sound.

The "LEVEL" knob located in front of the pedal adjusts the output level of the boosted signal.

The "TONE" toggle switch on the output side allows you to switch the tone of the output.
When the knob is up, the tone is gorgeous and edgy, and when the knob is down, the tone is mild and warm.

The "RANGE" toggle switch on the input side can switch the input range.
Turning the knob up produces a low-cut, tight tone, and turning the knob down produces a fatter tone.

Size: 48.3(W) x 93.5(L) x 48.0(H)/mm
Weight: 146g
True Bypass Switching
Power Consumption: 9VDC/2mA

Accessories: 9V battery plug, rubber feet, manual, warranty card

*Designed exclusively for external DC9V power supply. Power adapter not included. Please use a stabilized one such as the BOSS PSA series. Also, a battery can be used, but it cannot be stored inside. An external 9V battery plug is included instead.

* Supplying power from a power supply with multiple outputs may cause power source noise. It is recommended to use a power supply capable of isolated output.

*Please note that connecting DC15V or DC18V may cause malfunction (mainly LED). Any damage caused by driving with a voltage other than 9V is not covered by the warranty. In addition, Kz TREBLE BOOSTER is designed to produce an appropriate tone with a 9V power supply.

*There is a change in the notation on the front panel from production in February 2022. (IN, OUT, TONE, RANGE notation changed from horizontal to vertical, EDGE/WARM notation added to TONE mini switch, TIGHT/FAT notation added to RANGE mini switch)

*From March 2022, the LED has been changed to blue in order to stabilize the supply of parts.
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