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IK Multimedia Amplitube TONEX Capture

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TONEX Capture is an all-in-one accessory that makes it easy to capture your real amp’s tone perfectly, with or without microphones. It’s the ideal way to Tone Model your gear using the TONEX software, but also the perfect re-amping system.

First, TONEX Capture connects to the output of your audio interface and sends the correct signal into your amp at just the right level. Then, the attenuation stage sits passively between your amp and cab, sending a perfect copy back to your interface at a safe volume. The end result is a pristine copy of your amp’s real tone, ready for TONEX modeling or any other use you can imagine.

Use either circuit independently - so you can drive your amps & pedals and capture the returning signal with mics or directly, or both.  A ground lift eliminates hums and noise, and a wide 5Hz to 30kHz frequency response with zero phase deviation from 20 Hz to 20 kHz ensures pristine sound throughout.

Best of all, TONEX Capture includes TONEX Machine Modeling software, letting you create a virtual clone of your amps and pedals to use digitally.  It's part of the massive TONEX ecosystem of virtual tone, using advanced AI Machine Learning to achieve a new standard of amp modeling.  And TONEX Capture makes it incredibly easy to do with just your existing audio interface and Mac/PC. 

  • Two accessories in one: reamplification box and direct amp capture tool
  • Connects your audio interface to your amps and pedals with the correct level
  • Capture your amp tone pre-cabinet, without the need for microphones or load boxes
  • Ground lift and galvanic isolation eliminate hums and noise
  • Ideal for capturing Tone Models, also the perfect tool for reamplification
  • Includes 120 Preimium Tone Models
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