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Ibanez RG550 - vintage

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1987 First year production. Ibanez RG550  Road Flare Red.
Earlier batch with matching headstock. Ibanez later switched to black headstocks for all colors for faster production. 
Pickups heve been upgraded to JEM 777 Specs. 
Neck PU: Dimarzio PAF Pro
Middle PU: Dimarzio Jem Single
Bridge PU: Dimarzio PAF Pro
Treble Bleed Mod: A must for pro musicians. Keeps your highs intact when you roll off the volume on you guitar
Dimarzio locking straps.

1-piece original Wizard neck (quartersawn maple), square heel joint
17mm 1st fret – 19mm 12th fret
430mm radius rosewood fretboard
43mm nut width
Jumbo frets
Light-weight basswood body
Edge tremolo with die-cast saddles

Original Hard Case
Back plate truss rod cover and whammy bar included 

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