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Galasso Instruments Kybalion #4

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A true work of art from Argentine master luthier Ezequiel Galasso. #4 of his Kybalion series!

The parish of Nuestra Señora de las Victorias is placed in the neigborhood of Recoleta, Buenos Aires city. Built in 1880, it had an antique two-storey library with shelves made of Canadian pine. Recently, the library was dismantled and relocated in La Roca, a building that works as an art plant in Buenos Aires. As a matter of space, library couldn't be totally reassembled and a part of it was kept in the La Roca deposits, until Ezequiel Galasso detected, immediately, its symbolic and material value: noble woods, lightweight, of an excellent resonance and structural stiffness that has tattooed on its own surface the signs of the heavy books in rustic that they carried along centuries. Under the concept of an "alchemic guitar making", in which Galasso have been working for years, he decides to create a series of musical instruments conserving the original patina of these woods whereby in the guitar's surface we still witnessing its essence -the shadow of the old books, even the pave numbers of every shelf conserved as a rubric in order to make of every instrument a unique and incomparable piece. The second axiom of Kybalion (a document from Nineteenth century that contains the principles of Hermeticism, after which these guitar series were named) refers to the correspondence of all things, the connection between upside and downside, an atom and the whole universe. Galasso propose, by his handcraft working, an alchemic approach to these musical instruments that contains his singular signature but also the sign of eternal return of time. Get in contact with them means, thereby, an access to the experience of transmutation of materials, the infinite cycle of energy, the resounding vibration of the symphony that lies in the depth of all things, the string that finally reproduces the vital shuddering of all beings.

Body and Neck: 140+ year old old Canadian Pine from the shelves of Nuestra Senora de Las Victorias, Buenos Aires

Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood

Scale Length: 24.75”

Nut Width: 1 11/16”

Neck Size: 0.855” at 1st fret, 0.975” at 12th fret

Weight: 7.6 lbs

Neck Pickup: DS GS1, offers a defined and clear tone with moderate output. It is loaded with an ALNICO 5 bar magnet that adapts to any 6 string-spacing for overall instrument balance

Bridge Pickup: DS GS3 model, built with 6 individual ALNICO 2 pole pieces plus two ALNICO 2 bar magnets for rich, deep tone with round top end and long sustain

Alternative Pickup: DS GS2 model, equipped with 6 individual ALNICO 5 polepieces imparts the characteristic bright, full of twang and bite tone of a single-coil Bridge: Brass

Saddle: Ebony (installed), alternative brass saddle included

Controls: Volume, Tone, 5-Way Switch

Switching:  K Circuit

Pos 1: Bridge

Pos 2: Bridge + Neck (series - out of phase)

Pos 3: Bridge + Neck (Parallel)

Pos 4: Bridge + Neck (Series)

Pos 5: Neck

Case: Handmade genuine leather gigbag

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