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Excellent condition. Comes with original footswitch and cover.  

High-gain Fender Tone!

Ever find yourself needing more flexibility and gain out of your amp? The Fender Machete is an amp that will give you the full tonal spectrum from sweet cleans to high-gain screams. This all-tube 50-watt combo amplifier sports a single 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker for rich, full tone. The clean channel is clear and warm, but can be driven for aggressive rhythm tones. You'll have to play the high-gain channel to believe it! There's never been a channel like this in a Fender tube amp, until now. Powerful tone controls let you dial in tones you've only dreamt of. Grab a Fender Machete combo guitar amplifier and see what the high-gain fuss is about!

Fender Machete Combo Guitar Amp at a Glance:

  • Bring your high-gain dreams to life
  • A treasure chest of tone
  • Killer all-tube design and tone

Bring your high-gain dreams to life

Do you want bright, biting lead tones, or dark, heavily-driven rhythm tones? The Fender Machete can deliver all of them. You'll love the flexibility and all-tube tone that you get from the Machete. This amp will handle anything from tender ballads to drop-tuned black metal. It doesn't matter if you play in cover bands, metal bands, or fusion bands, the Fender Machete has the high-gain tones you need and want.

A treasure chest of tone

Besides the typical low, mid, and high controls, the Fender Machete has two powerful tone shaping functions called Tune and Damping. The tune knob lets you adjust the mid notch frequency to dial in American and British tonal flavors. Rock 'n' roll wasn't defined by a single amplifier, and the Machete brings all of those tones to the table. Damping gives you control over speaker response. You can select tighter more accurate speaker response, or looser, harmonically richer response. No matter what tones you are looking for, the Fender Machete combo amplifier is ready for your next gig.

Killer all-tube design and tone

The Fender Machete incorporates 5 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 1 x 12AT7 preamp tube, and 2 x 6L6 power tubes for powerful, all-tube tone. To really get those perfect tones, you need tubes. It's not a secret, just a fact. You'll love the huge, fat tube sound you get from the Machete onstage and in the studio. A rear-panel XLR line out lets you feed the PA or record silently. Tap into killer high-gain tones with the Fender Machete all-tube combo guitar amp!

Fender Machete Combo Guitar Amp Features:

  • Rock out with this dual-channel high-gain tube amplifier
  • Powerful tone controls let you dial in a wide range of sounds
  • Get huge, fat tone from the all-tube amp design
  • Cool, new cosmetics make the Machete stand out from other Fender amplifiers
  • Includes a 4-button footswitch and cover

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