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Fender '57 Custom Deluxe 12W 1x12 Tube Guitar Amp Lacquered Tweed


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The Fender '57 Custom Deluxe 12W 1x12 Tube Guitar Amp Lacquered Tweed reissues a legendary amplifier from Fender's golden age. Based on the highly sought-after 5E3 circuit from 1957, this handwired two-channel combo delivers stunning cleans and complex overdrive with the tone that spawned rock 'n' roll. Now you can unlock the '57 Deluxe's world of sonic delights and experience the interactive, touch-sensitive response that made this amp famous.

Legendary 5E3 Circuit Provides Vintage Fender Tone

The '57 Custom Deluxe's all-tube circuitry recreates the original 5E3 design, renowned for its early breakup and highly interactive controls. Premium yellow coupling capacitors provide authentic tone, yielding sparkling cleans and creamy overdrive with a smooth high end and rounded mids. A single 12" Eminence alnico speaker pushes these vintage sounds, driven by a pair of 6V6 power tubes for 12 watts of classic Fender tone with sensitive dynamics.

Updated Design Offers Enhanced Control

While faithfully reissuing a legend, Fender updated the '57 Custom Deluxe with improved volume potentiometers for more precise control at lower settings needed for rich, mellow cleans. The two-channel format provides instrument and microphone/instrument inputs, selected with a front-panel switch. External speaker capability and an effects loop offer further tonal tweaking.

Period-Correct Style with Modern Reliability

Sporting a lacquered tweed covering and chicken-head knobs, the '57 Custom Deluxe looks the part of a vintage Fender amp. Its solid pine cabinet, durable construction, and protective cover provide road-ready reliability. For guitarists seeking a taste of Fender's golden age in a gig-friendly package, the '57 Custom Deluxe delivers.

Versatile Tone for Stage and Studio

With just 12 watts of power, the '57 Custom Deluxe provides a perfect level of volume and overdrive for live playing and recording. Its touch-sensitive circuitry allows achieving cranked tones at lower volumes, while its vintage-correct voice works well for rock, blues, country and more. For guitarists wanting an authentic piece of Fender history, the '57 Custom Deluxe is a dream come true.

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