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EHX S8 Multi-Output Power Supply

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If you're tired of noise in your signal chain and if you want to be sure your carefully selected pedals are getting consistent current for their best performance, the EHX S8 Multi-Output Power Supply is your go-to solution. It powers up to eight individual effects pedals.

• Provides one 18V and seven 9V outputs
• Each output is individually regulated for maximum performance
• Short circuit protection design for the individual outputs
• Pedalboard-friendly size, rugged metal chassis
• Includes eight power cables


Quick Specs
• Power Supply: 12V DC power adapter
• 9V DC outputs maximum current of 250mA per output
• 18V DC output maximum current of 150 mA
• Not compatible with pedals that do not work in a daisy chain configuration
• Dimensions: 93.5mm x 42mm x 36mm (3.7” x 1.7” x 1.4”)
• Weight: 140g (4.9oz)


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