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Excellent condition. Comes with original box and contents. 

The NICOMPRESSOR (pronounced “Nigh Compressor”) offers distinctive tone shaping capabilities. It achieves exceptional compression dynamics while keeping higher-frequencies intact, making your guitar sound incredibly full and fat, without compromising your tone. In seeking to honor, improve, and expand this concept, Catalinbread developed a broader range of functionality and finely-tuned controls.

Expanding on the concept of uncompromising tone, these knobs boost desired frequencies, bringing them to the surface.
The Treble brightens your tone, making it sparkle, even when compressed.
The Bass enhances the lower-frequencies and increases sustain when turned up.

The Gain allows you to experiment by adding some grit or grain to your sound.

Staying true to its inspiration, this single knob design allows you to find the sweet spot and make adjustments simply and effectively.

When turned up, the compressor sends out a hot signal, boosting from within.
When turned down, the next effects in the chain boost the compression.

All premium analog components, through-hole construction.
FET based (MPF4393)
Transistor and op-amp based circuit
Power Supply: 9 volt
Current Draw: 11 mA
Attack Time: 4.8 mS
Release Time: 350 mS

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