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1963 Ampeg Twin Echo ET2B. Very good Condition. Comes with original footswitch. Local pick up only.


D i m e n s i o n s : 18%" x 26 3/4" × 121⁄2"

Weight: 46 lbs. Tubes: 4/6SL7 4/6V6 2/5Y3

Our SUPER ECHO TWIN for guitar, accordion, piano or voice is literally two complete amplifiers in one, each with its own power supply. The combined output is a clean 30 watts with or without echo and/or vibrato.

Two 12" Jensen speakers with new Syntox 6 ceramic magnets are used. Atrue vibrato is incorporated and can be employed in conjunction with reverb.

Completely isolated channels, each with separate volume and tone controls enable an accordionist, for instance, to have vibrato and/or echo on the right hand and not on the bass. The commanding concert hall effect of this combination, compared with straight amplification is overwhelming. The echo effect, actually a delayed repeat of the original signal enlarges upon the performance, defines and enriches the tone. The result is crystal clarity and increased brilliance.

An echo-dimension control regulates the desired expansiveness or depth of the echo; speed and intensity controls vary the pulsations and strength of the vibrato. Five inputs, including a Stereo jack, are provided. Guitar inputs stress the stunning highs of this instrument, so often desired by the player; special inputs favor the accordion, mellowing the reedy tones. Listeners are struck by the rich organ-like sweep o f sound.

A double footswitch provides on/off remote control of vibrato and echo, and a toggle switch on the panel also activates these effects for Channel One only or for both.

The multiple uses and combinations of effects achieved by this twin system makes i t

one of the most versatile amplifiers on the market. One of the more obvious advantages is its emergency or "spare tire" aspect. Should tube trouble develop in either circuit the "show can still go on."

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